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Video Transcript

00:00 Narrator: We invite you to champion for Catalina

00:03 Island medical center to help protect

00:04 the health and wellness of our residents

00:07 and safeguard critical care access for

00:10 all who live work and visit the island

00:12 you deserve access to quality care in a

00:15 safe environment

00:16 CIMC wants that for you and we are the

00:19 home where people care for other people

00:21 we want to care for you the way you want

00:23 to be cared for and it all begins with

00:25 you support quality health care and join

00:28 us fight for your health

00:29 fight for the island volunteer advocate

00:32 lead or donate champion for CIMC

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Catalina Island Medical Center Building

We’re all in this fight together.

Working in unison as a community, we will survive, heal and recover.


Become a champion for healthcare on Catalina Island.

The Catalina Island Medical Center staff is honored to be entrusted with your care. We take great pride in providing medical care and ensuring the health of every person who works, plays, or manages a business on Catalina Island.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected our community’s well-being, and Catalina Island Medical Center is integral for our community to fully recover and thrive again. Now more than ever, we need your help so that we may continue to provide health care to all members of the community.

We are all in this fight together.

Shared Responsibility

We’re here to care for you, but we need your help.

We exist to enhance the health and well-being of every person on Catalina Island, and our staff is committed to providing the best in outpatient health care and emergency treatment. Our Medical Center is classified as a Critical Access Hospital because it is the sole source of medical treatment on the island. The Emergency Department is staffed by exceptional physicians specifically trained in emergency medical treatment, providing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Before COVID-19, small local hospitals like CIMC were already under financial pressure. But the pandemic has undermined the hospital’s economic foundation, even as we have intensified our efforts to protect and educate the community. Now more than ever, additional community and charitable funding have become essential for our survival. We need the community’s help to continue our mission.


CIMCF Doctors

Catalina Island Medical Center needs supporters—champions—to offer their vision, talent, and financial assistance.

Our staff at Catalina Island Medical Center swiftly organized its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We implemented telemedicine and virtual care, and modified the patient flow within the hospital to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Public outreach was amplified to educate the community on proper COVID-19 protocol. Our staff has also helped keep the city’s leaders informed, so that Avalon could make decisions about closures and re-openings.

COVID-19 has created a reduction in our hospital’s revenues and increased overall cost. The current financial situation threatens the continued existence of our hospital.

We need the entire community’s help now.

Video Transcript

00:00 Hi there my name is Dr. Amy Warren I'm a

00:03 family practice physician and the chief

00:06 of staff at Catalina Island Medical

00:08 Center a strong health care organization

00:12 is so vital to the health and wellness

00:14 of our community and now more than ever

00:18 we've seen the value of strong

00:20 leadership and health care delivery and

00:23 I am so incredibly proud to be a part of

00:26 this organization since the start of the

00:30 kovat pandemic I've seen our team just

00:33 rally around and be come leaders in the

00:37 community with regard to the

00:40 organizational changes that have had to

00:41 occur both here at the hospital and in

00:44 the community so I am just so incredibly

00:47 blessed to be a part of this

00:48 organization and I feel that it is so

00:53 incredibly even more so now so vital

00:56 that we maintain our presence here on

00:59 the island and we support the hospital

01:02 and this organization so that we can

01:04 continue to provide health care well

01:07 into the future I am A champion for

01:10 Catalina Island Medical Center and I

01:12 hope you will join me in becoming a

01:14 champion as well to keep healthcare

01:17 delivery on the island and keep our

01:19 community well and thriving

Video Transcript

00:00 Hi my name is Santana Maria Dominguez

00:02 I've been here on the island on off

00:04 since 1986 right now I'm working here at

00:08 the Catalina Medical Center as a family

00:09 nurse practitioner I have my master's in

00:12 public health and my masters in nursing

00:14 and I've been here at the hospital

00:16 working as a nurse for 30 plus years

00:18 before I went back to school to become a

00:20 nurse practitioner so I've been here

00:22 with Catalina Island when we had several

00:24 different names and I've just been a

00:26 longtime supporter and this is my home

00:28 and this is my community so I just want

00:31 to thank everyone you know here they add

00:33 the Medical Center we're just so honored

00:34 that you trust us with your care and I

00:37 don't know how many of you knew but just

00:39 recently I had a really bad accident and

00:41 I was so glad that I could come to our

00:43 emergency room to set all the

00:45 dislocations and start the healing

00:47 process and to be life-flighted our

00:49 hospitals here for you when you need us

00:51 when it's an emergency when it's your

00:53 primary care needs when it's your

00:55 chronic disease management when it's

00:57 your just not sure what's going on where

00:59 your partner's where are the ones that

01:01 are going to keep you well so I just

01:02 want to thank you for allowing us to do

01:04 that and I just now I think we just want

01:06 it we want to invite you to partner with

01:08 us we're looking for champions we're

01:10 looking for people with leadership with

01:11 giftings talents finances they can make

01:14 sure that the callee non-medical center

01:16 will be here for many years to come with

01:18 what's gone on with kovat we have taken

01:20 a leading role we've organized ourselves

01:22 we've made our self available to you to

01:24 help with information with decision

01:26 making and I feel like it's been a

01:29 hardship financially and economically

01:30 and so we need to pull together to make

01:34 sure that we survive this that we can

01:36 come out even stronger than when we

01:38 started

01:39 so I just again I want to thank you for

01:40 trusting us here at CI MC with your care

01:43 and please thank you for joining us the

01:46 fight to preserve us to keep us healthy

01:49 and strong I'm a champion for Cali I'm

01:52 gonna be center and inviting you to be a

01:53 champion with us it's important that we

01:56 pull together as a community to keep us

01:58 as a vile and intricate part of this

02:00 community thank you again for your

02:02 support

Video Transcript

00:00 I'm Gary Johnson and I'm a champion of

00:02 the Catalina Island Medical Center and

00:04 you know I'm a champion because it's a

00:06 little Hospital on a little island and

00:08 I'm really really glad it's here hi I'm

00:11 Kelly Johnson I'm also a champion at the

00:13 Catalina Island Medical Center and I

00:16 think that this is a service that we can

00:17 provide not only to the community of

00:20 Catalina but also to the millions of

00:22 visitors that come here to hike and boat

00:25 and camp it's a very important and

00:28 valuable service that we have to offer

00:30 and we need to update it and make it

00:32 state-of-the-art so we hope that you

00:34 will become a champion whether you

00:36 volunteer donate advocate early we need

00:40 your support thank you so much for

00:43 supporting the Catalina Island Medical

00:46 Center

Video Transcript

00:00 [Music]

00:04 Shannon Hill, Board Member, CIMC Foundation: join us and become a champion for CIMC

00:07 volunteer advocate lead or donate

00:10 Ariel Gout, Occupational Therapist, CIMC: we need the entire community support

00:13 champion for CIMC

00:14 David Hamlin, Chief Operating Officer, CIMC: be a champion for CIMC

00:19 Dr. Aimee Warren, Family Practice Physician, Chief of Staff, CIMC: I am a champion for Catalina Island

00:21 Medical Center and i hope you will join

00:23 me in becoming a champion as well

00:25 Kellie & Gary Johnson, CIMC Campaign Chairs: we are champions of the Catalina Island

00:28 Medical Center

00:29 Georges McCormick, Board Member, CIMC Foundation: be a champion for Catalina Island

00:31 Medical Center

00:32 John Lovrich, Chief Financial Officer, CIMC: be a champion for CIMC

00:36 Kathy Hamilton, Board Member, CIMC Foundation: please join me and become a champion for the Catalina

00:39 Island Medical Center

00:40 Mark Phelps, CIMC Foundation Volunteer: become a champion for

00:42 CIMC

00:43 Natalie Latshaw, Physical Therapist, CIMC: join us and volunteer advocate lead or

00:46 donate

00:47 become a champion for CIMC and

00:50 lead volunteer advocate or donate

00:54 Patrick Brayall, Physical Therapist, CIMC: let's go Ray McKewon, Board Member, CIMC Foundation CIMC: now it's up to us

00:57 to become champions of the medical

00:59 center

01:00 i know that i am and I'm proud to be one

01:03 if we all work together as champions

01:05 we'll raise the money it takes to build

01:07 the new hospital

01:08 that we need Ritch Haynes, Board Member, CIMC Foundation: be a champion for Catalina

01:11 Island Medical Center

01:13 Santa Dominquez, Family Nurse Practitioner, CIMC: I'm a champion for Catalina Medicine

01:15 Center Catalina Hooikaika, Clinic Receptionist, CIMC: I'm inviting you to be a champion

01:17 with us

01:17 Violeta Pedroza, Medical Assistant, CIMC: be a champion for CIMC champion for CIMC

01:21 Jason Paret, Chief Executive Officer, CIMC: we are honored to provide care to our

01:24 community

01:25 and our visitors that come to Catalina

01:28 be a champion for CIMC Dr. Daniel Davis, Public Health & Emergency Medicine Physician, CIMC: thank you very

01:31 much for entrusting us with your care

01:33 and I hope that you'll join us in our

01:34 efforts to keep Catalina island

01:36 happy and healthy

01:49 [Music]

Become a Champion for cimc

Keep Health Care on the Island

The Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation needs you to join us as Champions for our hospital and support healthcare on Catalina Island. As 2020 evolves, help us find ways to continuously improve the health care that we provide to all members of the community.

We aim to secure a healthier future for everyone. Together we will overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Advocate for CIMC and Lead the Way.

Stay connected and learn about opportunties to lead and advocate for CIMC.

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