Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation


Why a New Medical Center - and Why Now?

Earthquake Safety Requirements

The State of California has mandated that all hospitals meet earthquake safety standards as established by the year 2030 – which means we must begin raising the necessary funds for a new medical center. If the Catalina Island Medical Center cannot meet the seismic standards by 2030, it will close.

Enhanced Services & Facilities

The very foundation of the new Catalina Island Medical Center facility will be the needs of our community. The new medical center will have private rooms, an operating room, infusion therapy, a fitness facility, digital mammography, and more – enhancing care for the residents and visitors we serve.

Meeting the Needs of a Growing Community

The small hospital that opened in 1960 is now serving a population of over 4,500 residents and 1 million visitors every year – more than four times the number it was built to serve almost 60 years ago! New facilities are sorely needed to serve the current needs of our community, and the loss of our island hospital could result in a catastrophic loss of tourism revenue for local businesses.

Ensure Healthy Tourism Industry

The Catalina Island Medical Center’s closure would be catastrophic to the tourism industry on Catalina Island. Without an emergency room and hospital, cruise ships would not land. In addition, tens of thousands of visitors – especially seniors and families with young children – would likely reconsider their vacation choice.

Big Improvements.

Low Impact on our Community

By implementing a $1.00 transit tax on every incoming and outgoing ferry, helicopter and cruise ship passenger, we will be able to fund the new medical center with minimal impact for businesses, residents, and visitors.

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